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Friday, 11 October 2013

VIFF: Liv & Ingmar

My friend told me to go see this because he left the theatre bawling at this beautiful true life love story. Maybe I'm too bitter, but I just found the entire thing somewhat boring and slow.

Maybe it's because I have no investment in either of the two people involved in this love affair. Liv & Ingmar chronicles the ups and downs of the relationship between director Ingmar Bergman and actor-turned-director Liv Ullmann. I am not familiar with either Liv or Ingmar, so I guess I wasn't sure why I was supposed to care about these two and their lives? I'd never seen their movies, so I had no affinity nor interest in hearing about what went on behind the scenes.

It's true that one doesn't necessarily need to know much about the subject of a documentary in order to enjoy it (see my earlier review of the documentary on Gore Vidal) but I guess I just found nothing to relate to these two people. Plus, as a film itself, Liv & Ingmar was slow paced and featured confusing clips from movies that mirrored their relationship I'm guessing, and was painstakingly narrated by the still-alive Liv.

It must have been a popular film however, as VIFF has added an extra screening for it on Oct 13 at 845pm at the Vancity Theatre.

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