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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Assassinating Thomson

The Firehall Arts Centre is continuing its run of one-man shows with Bruce Horak's Assassinating Thomson, a show that intertwines legally blind artist Horak's life with the mysterious death of famed Canadian artist Tom Thomson.

Horak is a likeable guide into this foray of Canadian mystery. Neither myself nor my friend who went with me were even aware that Thomson's death was shrouded with questions and suspicions. This is a great show for Halloween, a real life Canadian ghost story!

How did Tom Thomson die? Was it a Romeo and Juliet scenario? A scorned lover? Or an art world conspiracy run by the Group of Seven? Horak delves into each possibility, all the while live-painting his rendering of the audience to showcase what the world looks like to him. (The current exhibit featured in the Firehall's lobby art gallery is Horak's work.)

Here's what the audience looked like to him when I was in attendance:

Assassinating Thomson runs at the Firehall Arts Centre until October 19!

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