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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vancouver Asian Film Festival

Are you having Film Fest withdrawals now that VIFF has been over and done for almost a month?

Fear not! Vancouver has enough film fests to sustain you throughout most of the year! From November 7 - 10 will be the 17th Annual Vancouver Asian Film Festival!

Kick things off with this year's Centerpiece film: John Apple Jack

John Apple Jack is a Vancouver-shot and produced romantic comedy tells the story of John, who when he "discovers his sister’s fiancĂ© is Jack, his childhood crush, passions ignite and his life spirals out of control… losing his job, his playboy reputation AND his underwear – all while rushing to the altar to finally confess his love! Promiscuous John was once easy for Jack to ignore. But a newer, penniless, more soulful John may soon prove too hard to kick to the curb. Set in Vancouver’s East-meets-West glamourous restaurant industry… the challenge for both John and Jack is to find a way to blend money, sex, love and family into one sumptuous recipe for life."

Check out the John Apple Jack Facebook page and the official website to see the trailer! 

Another film that will be showing is Linsanity, the rags to riches documentary about NBA superstar Jeremy Lin:

Check out the VAFF website for more movie listings and features, as well as to purchase tickets!

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