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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Fillmore Family Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper

Last night I attended the Fillmore Family Prairie Fairy Fowl Supper and boy was it a hoot!

Sold out every year, this annual fundraiser takes on the tradition of a Fowl Supper, which "is a prairie phenomenon brought to life through the involvement and vision of innumerable church groups and service clubs. Each fall, in celebration of the harvest (bountiful or not) communities gather to share in a down-home Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Practically every town, large and small, has at least one Fowl Supper. Weekends from September to November are spent driving to the Fowl Supper of the week in Legion Halls to the basements of the local church.

Last night's festivities raised money for A Loving Spoonful, Out In Schools, and McLaren Housing Society of BC.

First off, it's a good ol' fashioned hoe down! So everybody gets dressed in their best Western gear. Then people line up at 4pm to get in on a good spot since the seating is all picnic tables and it's about 50 people to a table. You're asked to bring all your loose change because the table that raises the most money in coin gets to go eat first! Last night, I believe the winning table raised about $1400 in change! The table I was at managed to raise about half of that and we were third last to go up to get our meal.

The meal included turkey dinner with all the trimmings! There was also a jellied salad contest, which was not part of what was being served! With performances all night long, dancing afterwards, a silent auction upstairs, ticket raffles, and running into old friends, this was a wonderful evening! It's great to go and have a good time and also give back to the community.  Thank you to Linda Fillmore for having this event! Country realness at its finest!

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