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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Crackle Sponsored Post: Best Places to Watch a Film in Canada

Watching a movie in a theatre possesses a magic which few other experiences can match. There is nothing quite like smelling the mix of popcorn and excitement as you walk into a packed cinema. Canada has its fair share of great venues at which to watch the latest movies.

Of course, there’s no denying that technology can provide anything at your own convenience. If funds are tight or you simply don't want to face the crowds, then it could be a good idea to get the laptop out and watch movies online. Games consoles, mobile phones and tablet computers all have great screens and sound, opening up a great deal of flexibility for film fans. You can enjoy an online film almost anywhere, at your own time. But admit it or not, it can get really boring.

So if you’re in the mood to go outside the borders of your home and enjoy a good movie or two, here are the top places that you should check out:

If you are in Ottawa, then the Mayfair Theatre remains one of the city's top venues. This used to be Ottawa's main venue for second run films and cult classics. Indeed, the traditional showing of the 'Rocky Horror Picture Show' continues to take place each year.

Montreal has its own film festival each autumn, but there are also plenty of places to go to see a good film when the festival isn't on. The Banque Scotia Montreal Cineplex is an efficient venue in which to see mainstream films, and offers customers IMAX films too.

The Rainbow Cinema in Market Square in Toronto is another solid cinema where you can enjoy the latest releases for a very reasonable six dollars. Patrons can also treat friends and family with some cinema gift tokens, which can boost the excitement at times like Christmas and birthdays.

For western Canadians, Vancouver offers a wonderful film experience in the form of the Twilight Drive In in Langley. This is Vancouver's only drive in cinema, and tends to stay open whatever the weather is doing. General admission is usually 12 dollars 50 cents, but there are reductions for children and senior citizens. It is closed from November through February though, when the wild Canadian winter shuts it down for the season.

With many of the latest releases available as online downloads or streams within weeks of their cinema release these days, it can be a cost effective and comfortable way of keeping up to date with what the movie industry is producing.

But nothing is quite like see a film in a proper cinema, so when you can, make sure you try out one of the top venues mentioned above.

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