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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Diwali Downtown - November 10

Celebrate Diwali this week!!


"Celebrated across the world, Diwali is the biggest, brightest and most popular event in the Indian calendar. The word diwali means “row of lighted lamps”, with light symbolizing the triumph of good over evil, prosperity over poverty and knowledge over ignorance. It’s a time for lighting diyas, laying out colorful rangolis, setting off fireworks, exchanging gifts of sweets and celebrating with dance, music and storytelling."

Come on down to the Roundhouse Community Centre on Saturday November 10 to take part in Diwali Downtown! It's a free event (Donations suggested $5) with programming from 3pm into the evening in the great hall, a room-sized rangoli in another, and a bazaar set up in another, plus activities throughout the building. There will be performances and food trucks set up, including Vij’s Railway Express!

Check out the official Vancouver Celebrates Diwali website for more information on the event! 

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