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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Grey Gardens

So, Alexis, Jessica, and I LOVE Grey Gardens. Like, WE LOVE IT. Obviously when we heard Grey Gardens The Musical was making its Canadian premiere right here in Vancouver, brought to us by the fabulous Fighting Chance Productions, we knew we had to be there, headscarves on!!

With local theatre though, we all know it can be hit or miss. I am happy - no, I am ELATED - to report, that this production of Grey Gardens is absolutely AMAZING!! When we left the theatre and got into the car and drove home, we did not stop jabbering about the show! We loved it!!

Director Ryan Mooney was at front of house, taking tickets, then running into the theatre to introduce the show, then dashing backstage to help prep the set, and still managed to find the time to shake hands and accept our shameless gushing. I love him for bringing this calibre of musical theatre to Vancouver!! Thank you thank you, a million times thank you! (He's already got more shows lined up, including Rent, Little Shop of Horrors, and Side Show!! CAN'T. EFFIN. WAIT. Follow him on Twitter for more info!)

The show itself blew our minds. From the genius staging of the house/gardens to all the actors in the program, doing a bonafide spectacular job! I was lamenting the lack of live cats, but once Act Two rolled around, I was shown otherwise!! The cats, not only living and breathing, have their own song. Happy claps!! I also couldn't get enough of the song about corn! Yes, CORN!

When Sue Sparlin appears on stage as Big Edie, her hair all a mess, glasses falling off her nose, rocking a robe and a wide brim sun hat, and then she speaks and sings and it was all we could do not to lose our minds. But then, from the back, we hear the wild calls of Little Edie, "Mother darling!" and it was over for us. We succumbed to the amazingness of the actors and the show.

The superb Cathy Wilmot (pictured above) does double duty, playing both the young Big Edie in 1941, and then jumping to 1973 for a PHENOMENAL portrayal of Little Edie. She was mesmerizing, heartbreaking, hilarious, and downright nailed the essence of Little Edie! Congratulations, Cathy! We were the ones hooting and hollering for ya in the back row! You made our night and left us completely breathless!

Also doing double duty was Lucas Blaney, as the dapper Joseph Kennedy in Act One, and in Act Two as the boyishly handsome Jerry. Ranae Miller did a fantastic job as well, as the young Little Edie in 1941. I did kinda hope one of the cats would take a piss behind a portrait, but I guess that would have just gotten too messy! And sadly, there was no bag of Wonderbread making a cameo, though raccoons were referred to.

Seriously though, I want to go see this show again and again, and you should too! This is the ULTIMATE Mother's Day show, don't you think? What better way to spend Mother's Day than by watching the Beales go at each other and to witness their unbreakable bond? If you can't make it on Mother's Day, you've got the rest of the week to attend this outstanding show!

GO!! SEE IT!! NOW!!! DO IT!!!!

Grey Gardens the musical plays at Jericho Arts Centre until May 19th!
If you're a fan of musicals or theatre, you will have a blast! And if you are a Grey Gardens fanatic, you will be ECSTATIC WITH JOY!!!!

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