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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Exquisite Hour

A big up to the Arts Club for rescuing the fate of Relephant Theatre's production of The Exquisite Hour, which was to be held at the Playhouse before it closed its doors. Now nestled into its new home at the Revue Stage on Granville Island, The Exquisite Hour is welcoming audiences with a complimentary jar of lemonade and invites you into their backyard, literally!

Walking into the theatre, you feel like you're stepping onto your back porch and spying on a neighbour. With golden oldies playing in the background, and lanterns strung up above you, the setting is a simple garden belonging to Zachary (played by the Jessie-nominated Josue Laboucane), a confirmed bachelor who enjoys whiling away his time by laying in the sun and having a glass of bourbon-spiked lemonade. A minute into his quiet time, however, he is interrupted by a young woman who claims to be selling encyclopedias.

Remember the days of encyclopedias? When you had to go to a book in order to learn something, instead of a website? This hearkens back to a time when knowledge came from books and people met in person rather than online. The saleswoman, Helen, played by Nevada Yates Robart, seems to have a bit more than just a sales pitch, however. Will Zachary be able to read between the lines and pick up on all the subtext? With no intermission, you only get 60 minutes to find out!

So head on down to Granville Island, pick up a glass of lemonade, and make one hour of your night exquisite with this shot of theatre.

The Exquisite Hour runs until May 12, and you can buy your tickets through VancouverTix.com !

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