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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Blue Box

Last night was the premiere of The Cultch's last show of the season, Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box. The Cultch has brought some of the most intriguing and interesting people to Vancouver theatregoers this season. Unique Lives and Experiences - eat your heart out.

Blue Box is no exception to the rule, as Carmen steps out from behind the curtain to greet the audience in the most casual, hey how ya doing, kind of way. And so begins her 80 minute performance piece, which feels more like you've been invited into your Chilean aunt's living room to hear the story of her life. And it's absolutely unbelievable to hear about this amazing journey from someone who seems so young to have lived through all that she has.

Carmen Aguirre takes us from her life as a Chilean revolutionary to the blinding lights of Hollywood, makes a pit stop as a phone sex operator in Vancouver's downtown eastside and all the while, weaving in a complicated love story that involves her grandmother's message from beyond the grave. It is enthralling to listen to, and Aguirre is so poised and inviting and makes everyone feel comfortable. Here's a semi-spoiler - if you're sitting in the front row, be sure to bring your dancing shoes.

At the start of the evening, Aguirre tell us that the real name of the show is Blue Cunt, but that it would have been hard to promote. Whichever title you want to go by, it doesn't change the fact that this show is effortless in its ability to draw you in and transport you to worlds you can barely imagine.

Blue Box runs at The Cultch until May 12! Produced by Nightswimming in association with Neworld Theatre.

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