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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Da Vinci - The Genius

It was a rainy Monday this past week, and what better way to spend a stat holiday than by visiting the Telus World of Science to check out their exhibit, Da Vinci - The Genius.

Everyone else seemed to have gotten the same idea, since the place was PACKED!

At first, I was pretty disappointed with this exhibit. I guess I was expecting too much. I mean, I knew they weren't gonna bring the Mona Lisa over or anything like that, but I just didn't realize everything there was going to be a replica or a digital print of his work. However, after I got past that ideal, I realized that the purpose of the exhibit is to showcase his genius, and wow! That he was!

On display are models of inventions that he thought up and designed all those years ago. Things like a helicopter or a war tank, a catapult or what today would be considered a car. It's pretty amazing what he originated. And I found out he dissected humans in secrecy in order to know more about the human body. As well, the exhibit reveals 20+ secrets of the Mona Lisa. I won't tell you what they are - you'll have to go check out the show to find out!

All in all, it actually is quite an educational and interesting exhibit. It's perfect for kids of any age as you get to touch a lot of the displays. Plus, there's Lego Land next door, and all the other family friendly activities that Telus World of Science has to offer!

Da Vinci The Genius runs until September 3, so you have all summer to head over and explore!!

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  1. Great post! Just an FYI for your readers: LEGO Castle Adventure has now moved on. More time to devote to da Vinci :-) --Science World at TELUS World of Science