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Thursday, 11 October 2018

VIFF: Maria By Callas

If you missed this one, it looks like the Vancity Theatre will be showing several more screenings of Maria By Callas in November.

This is a documentary about famed opera singer diva Maria Callas. I didn't know much about her or her work, which is why I wanted to see this. It's all told through her own interviews and letters. And there is amazing footage of her on the stage and off.

It made me realize that I can't appreciate opera. I did however, get to meet the famous bun lady, who goes to VIFF every year and I have seen her many times. She sat next to me and I said, "I recognize you from other years!" and she said yes, she stood out. She then offered me peppermints as she saw me nodding off during the opera parts, and she said peppermints will help to keep me awake when I'm tired. This was a fun and memorable interaction, which was probably the best part of going to this film for me.

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