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Saturday, 6 October 2018

VIFF: The Happy Prince

This is Rupert Everett's masterpiece. He not only stars in it, but he wrote and directed this stunning film. It is beautifully shot, and smoothly crafted. The Happy Prince is the story of Oscar Wilde during his exile years after being charged with acts of indecency for being gay.

It's a well done and informative biopic of the final years of Oscar Wilde. I can't think of another film that has tackled this subject, so it's about time! Everett's performance is a revelation, especially if like me, you only know his work as the singing gay friend in My Best Friend's Wedding or the gay friend in The Next Best Thing or as the evil villain from Inspector Gadget.

He may have been busy with other projects, but he definitely hasn't been on my radar for the past decade or so. It's nice to see him back in such a empowering role (actor, director, writer) and being wonderful at all three of his pursuits.

There are no more showings of The Happy Prince, but no doubt this will get a wider release just in time for awards season!

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