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Sunday, 9 September 2018

Fringe: Jasper in Deadland

YES. So much YES for this Fringe show. Presented by Awkward Stage Productions, we get a STELLAR production of this off-Broadway musical about "love, death and never letting go."

Jasper In Deadland is the tale of Jasper who is trying to rescue the love of her life, Agnes, from the underworld. Originally written as a hetero relationship, the roles are switched up for this Fringe production.

The music is wonderful, the singing is great, and the acting is good. This is a definite must-see at this year's Fringe, especially if you're into musicals. The simple set convincingly transports you to the world of Deadland, where souls roam aimlessly while forgetting the lives they left behind. Will Jasper be able to save Agnes and bring her back to the real world?

You have FIVE more chances to find out! Buy your tickets now!