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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Fringe: Dear Elizabeth

"Together but continents apart, Pulitzer Prize-winning poets Robert Lowell and Elizabeth Bishop exchanged more than 400 letters from 1947 to 1977, exploring poetry, romance, illness, grief, and the profound affection they had for one another."

A play told through letters? I was about to pass on this one but a friend told me no you HAVE to see it, because it's beautifully done. And wow was she right! Not only was the script intelligently woven, but the two actors in this are absolutely sublime. A sparse stage, but with enough to hold your attention and with minimal props to bring tears to your eyes, the direction, the lighting, everything about this production is top notch. 

You only have one more chance to see this before the Fringe comes to an end. Dear Elizabeth plays this afternoon, so get your tickets now!

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