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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

90s Rewind Tour

Last night in Abbotsford....

I never thought I'd start a sentence that way, but last night in Abbotsford, I went to the 90s Rewind Tour starring Whigfield, Prozzak, and Aqua.  Remember them? Throw in a Muchmusic Video Dance Party and it was the ultimate time machine back to my 20s. 

I know this blog is Fun Fun Vancouver, but there are definitely awesome things to do outside of Vancouver proper. Case in point was this event.

The place was sold out, and everyone was dressed up in their best rave outfits. Someone please pass me some ecstasy. People were dancing ALL NIGHT, whether it was to Whigfield singing her signature Saturday Night, or to an S Club 7 video on the big screen. People danced in the aisles, on their seats, and even while WALKING back and forth to the bar. It was just the FUNNEST atmosphere! Abbotsford, you really brought it.

Then on came Prozzak, and if you don't know who this Canadian 90s cartoon band is, then, it sucks 2 B U (I know, I know). 

Of course, the headliner of the evening was AQUA!! They did all their hits and then some, and yes they have more than that one Barbie Girl song, which they pulled out HALFWAY through their set! I was like, ALREADY? I'm NOT READY!!

Doctor Jones was my favourite, but when the song was being performed, the performers were nowhere to be found! My friend and I, with our floor seats, were standing there staring at the stage wondering WHERE ARE THEY? Then my friend gets a poke in the ribs, and he turns and sees none other than RENE from AQUA standing there grinning. He laughs his hearty AQUA laugh and then takes off down the aisle to surprise another unsuspecting fan.

All in all, it was a terrific evening. I have to go and create an ultimate 90s playlist now, inspired by all the nostalgic and dancey music from last night.

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