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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Vancouver Fringe: Dying City

The Vancouver Fringe Festival is now upon us!!

I went to my first Fringe show of the season last night at The Cultch. My guest blogger, Meaghan, will be covering more Fringe shows in the coming days. I found it hard to get down to Granville Island all the time, so I'm so happy to see that the festival has spread itself out into the city more, with shows at The Cultch, The Firehall, Havana Cafe, etc.

Aenigma Theatre's production of Dying City is a heavy drama about a man who has died in the war in Iraq. It centers mainly on those that he left behind, including a grief-stricken widow and a gay identical twin brother. The twin and the widow meet a year after the death of Craig, tethered by loss and a balance that shifts when secrets unravel quick and dirty.

Both Christine Bortolin and Garland Chang weave in and out of past and present seamlessly, with Chang donning the dual role of the deceased Craig and his twin, Peter. If you're looking for serious drama with good acting and a thought-provoking script, then make your way to The Cultch and catch Dying City (nominated for the 2008 Pulitzer Prize in Drama).

Dying City is on today at 5:15, Sept 11th at 12:30pm, the 12th at 8:45pm, the 15th at 9:30pm, and Sept 17th at 7pm.

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