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Saturday, 24 September 2016

A Good Way Out

The new season at Pacific Theatre began last night with Cara Norrish's A Good Way Out.

This drama centers around Joe, a mechanic with a storied past trying to make a better life for himself - by joining a biker gang. The gang provides family, though he has blood family of his own in the shape of sister Lynette, an ex-stripper girlfriend named Carla, and two kids.

Andrew Wheeler, Carl Kennedy, Chad Ellis.

Joe finds himself torn between loyalties to Larry, the gang leader who has given Joe a new life but who has also kept him under his thumb, and the desire to move onwards and upwards and be able to be independent and provide for his loved ones. Enter his buddy Sean, who has a not-so-wise plan to help Joe gain that independence. Will this be Joe's downfall?

Carl Kennedy, Evelyn Chew, Corina Akeson, and Chad Ellis.

A Good Way Out is a story about choices. In life, we all have them and sometimes we make bad choices. It's a reminder that no matter how hard life can be, if we just take a look around, there may just be a better way, a better choice. And if not, we need to look for it, before we end up making a bad one.

A Good Way Out is on now until October 15th at Pacific Theatre. 

(Photos by Matt Reznek.)

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