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Monday, 29 August 2016

In Order of Disappearance

Fans of Stellen Skarsgaard can rejoice!  He is starring in the film that's currently playing at the Vancity Theatre, In Order of Disapperance.

Set in Norway, this thriller suspense revolves around a man whose son has been murdered by a drug lord. This revenge film doubles as a black comedy with Skarsgaard as a Liam Neeson-type protagonist out to avenge his son's death. Throw in a neurotic drug kingpin, a goofy Serbian gang, and a precocious little boy and you've got a recipe for hijinx and shenanigans.

With gorgeous shots of Norway, you'll marvel at the wonder of the majestic snowy landscape (and for me, appreciate not having to live in a climate that looks completely bone-chillingly cold!)

In Order of Apperance is on at the Vancity Theatre on: August 30 at 4pm,  August 31 at 8:20m, and September 1 at 3:45pm.


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