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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Heathers The Musical

Sorry I haven't posted much lately. I've been struggling with a bit of depression. Even last night, I was considering just staying in, laying in bed, and staring at the wall. However, I knew that wasn't going to be productive so I forced myself to find a show playing in town and to invite someone to go see it with me.

So, I chose the trusty folks at Fighting Chance Productions, who are churning out two musicals this summer: Green Day's American Idiot, and Heathers: The Musical. I had seen both of these shows in New York. On Broadway, I saw American Idiot and wasn't overly impressed with the show's thin storyline. I also caught the off-Broadway premiere of Heathers, and it was fantastic! It came complete with  blue "drainer fluid shots" in the lobby! How VERY!

So of course, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see Heathers again, and thank goodness for Fighting Chance Productions for putting on these amazing shows for us Vancouverites that we may not otherwise get a chance to see! (They put on CARRIE THE MUSICAL a few years back! I mean, amirite?!)

Anyhow, Heathers was great! They did a wonderful job of it. I felt it could have used a bit more camp but I think they went more for the dark comedy, which they did really well. The whole ensemble cast were great, but the two that stood out for me were Annastasia Unger as Martha Dumptruck, whose BRILLIANT voice just soared during her solo performance of Kindergarten Boyfriend, and David Z Cohen's portrayal of J.D who came across more manic than broody, with a voice that exposes his vulnerability.

If you've never seen the movie, what's your damage?? And if you have seen the movie and loved it and haven't gone to see the musical yet, well then fuck me gently with a chainsaw! GO already! The guest I brought with me had seen the movie but had never heard the music from the musical and absolutely adored it, her favourite song being Blue. Afterwards, she immediately thought of a crew of her friends that she wanted to bring to the show.

In this world we currently live in of school violence, bullying, and homophobia, this musical based on the 80s cult favourite could not be more timely.

Heathers: The Musical is on now until August 26 at the Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island, in rotation with Greenday's American Idiot. For more info, check out Fighting Chance Productions!

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