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Monday, 7 March 2016

The Gay Heritage Project

Toronto's famous Buddies in Bad Times Theatre brings The Gay Heritage Project to town this month at the Cultch. I was excited to see it but was also a bit weary, wondering what I was in for. To watch 3 gay white males talk about gay heritage? I wasn't sure how on-board I was.

What was pleasantly surprising however, was the discourse that was brought up about just that issue! They recognized their own privilege as being white males and that there were other stories out there yet to be told.

The show is more an exploration of what gay heritage is and means to these performers, told through mini vignettes that are equal parts entertaining as they are touching. From a genuinely Canadian perspective, the audience is schooled on the history of queer heroes in our communities. There is discussion about how gay heritage is something that is "chosen" rather than something that we are born into. The HIV virus gets put on trial for murder and theft. There is acknowledgement that violence is a big part of gay heritage. They even question if the concept of gay heritage is even necessary? There are so many other factors out there that inform our identities: class, race, religion, gender, etc.

This was an extremely thoughtful, well-rounded show.  In the end, yes gay heritage is something important and that needs to be documented and taught and learned and discussed. It may not be a big part of someone's identity but it definitely shapes and transforms it in sometimes big and sometimes small ways.

If all the banter is a bit too serious for you, the show balances that all out with fun and energetic points, complete with songs! All members of the LGTBQ community and beyond should go see The Gay Heritage Project - if only for the amazing mash-up of show tunes and disco songs.

The Gay Heritage Project is on now at the Cultch until March 19th.

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