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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

The Crowd

Langara's Studio 58 is known for having productions that showcase the excellent acting skills of their students. In the world premiere of The Crowd, we get to see numerous actors highlight their physical acting abilities - whether it's being beaten senseless by a clown, or being thrown halfway across the room, the physical acting in this show is painful to watch, as it looks so realistic!

Story-wise, the plot seemed to be all over the place. We go from a crime ring to apocalyptic aliens to lesbians in love to a Beyonce lips-sync, and yes, as mentioned, there is also a clown. I waited a day or two before writing this post because I think I really needed some time for all of it to sink in. Now I can look back and reflect on the bizarre experience I witnessed at Studio 58.

One thing I dislike about any plays is when there are too many scene changes. I say this because I took a play writing class and in my own amateur move, I created like a million scenes, not thinking about the logistics or how epileptic the lights up and lights down could be for an audience. Anyhow, The Crowd certainly has a lot of scenes in it, which may have worked better for me if they were sewn together a bit more tightly.

The Crowd is on now at Studio 58 at Langara until April 3!

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