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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Ga Ting

I managed to get tickets to the sold out run of Frank Theatre's Ga Ting, written by Minh Ly, at the Cultch.

This family drama is set around the death of a young gay Asian man, whose boyfriend comes to visit the home of his deceased lover's parents. Intense and heavy, this play is a welcome addition to the Canadian stage, most notably in the LGTBQ canon. It's not often we get to see a story about gay Asians (even though the gay Asian character in this story never really appears). Still, it's a different perspective and a voice from outside of the mainstream gay community, which is really refreshing.

I know the run of this show is now done at The Cultch, but I had to do a write-up in case Ga Ting comes to your town and I wouldn't want you to miss out! Look for it at your local live theatre venues!

And check out the Frank Theatre Company for more!

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