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Sunday, 29 November 2015

Peter and the Starcatcher

What a fantastic evening! Not only did I get to check out the brand new Goldcorp Stage at BMO theatre down in Olympic Village, but the latest Arts Club production, the Tony-nominated Peter Pan prequel Peter and the Starcatcher, was a wonderful show!

Admittedly, at first, I kinda hated it. I mean, I was definitely impressed with the set design and amazed by the ship masts going up. It looked like I was in for a good time! But the first few minutes of the show, I wasn't really feeling it and wondered what I had set myself up for. Perhaps I was busy being too much of an adult and needed to quickly find my inner child? Once I had given in to that notion, things got a LOT better. I found myself chuckling at the copious amounts of fart jokes. But then something else happened. I realized, hey wait a minute, this is a really SMART PLAY. There were all these hidden gems that were littered throughout the lines that if you weren't quick to catch, would um,... fly right past you.

The scene stealer of the evening had to be Colleen Wheeler, who played Captain Black Stache, the poetic pirate who eventually becomes Peter's arch nemesis. When she was on stage, I was living for every moment of her scenes. I didn't even realize it was Colleen Wheeler until after looking at the program to see who the actor was. I'd seen her in several other shows around town and she is definitely a Vancouver treasure.

This show is perfect for the entire family. There were little kids loving the show and giggling throughout, and then there were the "adults" who, once they rediscovered their childlike wonder, thoroughly enjoyed both the elementary and the elevated humour.

Peter and the Starcatcher is on now until January at the brand new Goldcorp Stage at BMO theatre! The show has been selling out so get your tickets now!!

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