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Friday, 20 November 2015

52 Pick-Up

There's a charming little show going on right now at the Havana Theatre, which if you've never been, is itself charming because it's in the back of the Havana Cafe restaurant on Commercial Drive. Tj Dawe and Rita Bozi's 52 Pick-Up is an exploration of a relationship gone awry.

Presented by Twenty Something Theatre, the simple yet effective production involves two characters and a deck of cards. Writen on each card is a different scene. They throw the cards in the air at the start of the show, and then proceed to play an actor's game of 52 pick-up, where they must act whatever scene it is they pick up from the scattered deck.

More than a gimmick, it's also representative of the pieces that make up a relationship, the good, the bad, the jumbled memories of love and heartache, first kisses and final goodbyes. By doing the show in this way, each night will likely make for a different experience!

52 Pick-Up is on now at the Havana Theatre until November 29th!

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