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Friday, 25 September 2015

Madonna is Coming to Vancouver

Madonna is coming! Madonna is coming!

Maybe that's not as much of a novelty anymore to Vancouverites since she's been here for her last two tours - Sticky & Sweet and MDNA. However, her current Rebel Heart tour is garnering RAVE reviews. And this is from someone (me) who has tried his best at avoiding all spoilers. I haven't even seen the set list.

Of course, in this day and age, it's hard to not come across a detail here and there on social media or through friends who are obsessing about the tour online and just want to share everything they learn with you. Most of my friends have been super respectful of my wishes and have refrained, so big ups to them. I do know she's doing a whole bunch of her classics!! That's very exciting! And yes, I do know what some of them are thanks to the likes of Facebook, big-mouthed friends, and even Madonna's own Instagram account! (I try to scroll past as quickly as I can to avoid spoilers.)

Still, I have no idea the order of the songs, what songs from Rebel Heart she's doing, what her costumes really look like, or what the stage is going to be like. I do know that the New York City Times and Rolling Stone recently gave her the thumbs up, calling her show "genius" and even her ex Sean Penn was at a show and wrote her a letter about her "art." So, that's enough buzz and hype I need to look forward to the tour!

The last time she was here with the MDNA tour, I got to see her TWICE in the Golden Triangle! My seats this time are near the runway but nothing will ever top that MDNA experience (other than actually getting to meet the Queen, that is!) Thank you again to Guy Oseary for all that he's done!

There are still tickets left on Ticketmaster if you are thinking about going! Madonna's Rebel Heart tour comes to Vancouver on October 14th!

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