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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Last PNE Weekend!

It's Labour Day weekend and what are you gonna do with it, Vancouver?!

Why not visit the PNE? It's the last 3 days for your chance to go see the fantastically modern Dream Home that's up for grabs, maybe catch in a showing of SuperDogs or watch the evening's performance of Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby?

I went last night to try to get into the Hall & Oates concert, but alas, it was jam packed! We ended up across the way at the beer garden watching them on the screen. Let's just say, we were... Out Of Touch.

Your choices for headliners this weekend include Canadian favourite Loverboy, country star Brett Kissel, and Platinum Blonde. There's also an EDM (electronic dance music) festival happening. More info on the concerts here.

There's also the Show Mart if you want a Sham-Wow or a mop to bring home. We wandered through Playland and I took a photo of the swings because they used to scare me at one point, but now that the new ride The Beast is there, it's been completely dwarfed and I thought I would capture it on camera as a reminder of how simple things used to be. Did I go on The Beast? Hells NO. But you can, and you can tell me all about it.

I ate my mandatory PNE Corn Dog, then visited the barn and looked at all the animals including the pigs who made me feel bad about eating a corn dog, but then all was good when we came upon a bunch of BABY BUNNIES!!!

There's also a Beatles memorabilia exhibit and a comic book superhero exhibit to check out!

(these pics taken from The Vancouver Sun and The Province)

Ah yes, the PNE. If you're in town, then head on down there!

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