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Friday, 18 September 2015

Cook Your Life

This weekend the Pacific Festival continues at Richmond's Gateway theatre. I bought myself and my mom a pass for this, as I felt it was an underserved community - theatre for Cantonese speakers! Given Vancouver's population, why hasn't anyone done anything like this before? (Or maybe they have and I just wasn't aware?)

Anyhow, another show in this month long festival is Cook Your Life / MeChat.  This is actually comprised of two separate one-person shows. The first one is Cook Your Life, starring (and written by) MayMay Chan as a hilariously over-the-top woman who dishes to the audience about life, love, sex, and food. At first it feels like you're in a campy interactive cooking show, but it quickly evolves into a live-action melodramatic TVB Hong Kong-style soap opera. Chan eases easily from one character to another, making this my very first one-woman show I've seen in another language!

We didn't stay for MeChat, because I didn't think my mom would really understand its content, as it has to do with more modern day living (computers, ipads, online dating, etc.)  but Cook Your Life alone was worth the price of admission.

You only have one more chance to see if it you're not going tonight, and that's Saturday evening!

Check out more of the Pacific Festival at Gateway Theatre.

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