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Thursday, 25 June 2015

The School For Scandal of Vancouver

"It's impossible to be witty without a little ill-nature; the malice of a good thing is the barb that makes it stick." -Verjuice Sneerwell

Is Vancouver ready for a satire about itself? Do the citizens of Canada’s “most livable city” take themselves too seriously? Underneath the pretty veneer churns a society rife with scandal, treachery, debauchery, deception and, of course, sexy yoga classes. NOW! Theatre and the Quimera Theatre Collective are bringing you an adaptation of Richard Sheridan’s classic British comedy The School for Scandal, but fully modernized as The School for Scandal of Van-couver, adapted and directed by local director and playwright Matthew Willis.

"You say ‘Assassin of Character’ like it’s a bad thing..."

This production marks the third partnership of director Matthew Willis with Quimera Theatre Collective (The Bald Soprano, Tales in Crux) to bring the audience what can only be described as a truly immersive, inventive and slight-ly unorthodox theatre experience. Co- production by NOW! Theatre introduces a sustainable element to the show that promises an environmentally mindful run, and Willis delivers an ensemble of over a dozen actors, spanning different acting and academic backgrounds, nationalities and experiences.

The School for Scandal of Vancouver runs from June 28 to July 5 at the CBC Studios 700. Tickets can be purchased online

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