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Wednesday, 19 February 2014



I've been talking about this to my friends for an eternity, it seems. And now it's actually HAPPENING!

I was inspired by Chicago's famous SIDETRACK bar, who has a weekly Showtunes night on both SUNDAY and MONDAY - how AMAZING IS THAT? Sidetrack is a video bar in Chicago that has a million screens and on these nights, they show all sorts of fun clips from Musicals!!

So I've been wanting to do something similar ever since! It's a lot of work - finding all those video clips! But I managed to do it, and put it together, and now it is READY TO GO! Over the holidays, I spoke to the manager at 1181, who humoured me with my idea but was in fact quite serious about having me do this! So here we are!! And I hope you will all join us for an evening of fun, showtunes, singing, drinking, and laughter!!

Check out the Facebook page and Join and Invite Your Friends!!

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