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Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Currently being mounted at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond is the Tony award winning play, Art

The play centres around three friends who argue over a painting that is nothing but a white canvas. Scratch a bit more beneath the surface however, and you'll find that what the play really is about is the intricate world of friendships. Why are we friends with certain people? Is there something they bring to the table or is there a power imbalance going on? 

Hiro Kanagawa plays Serge, who starts the ball rolling by purchasing a white painting for an obscene amount of money, which upsets his friend Marc, played by Vancouver favourite Michael Kopsa. Haig Sutherland rounds out the cast as the easy-going Yvan who flip flops back and forth between sides, but manages to steal the show with a memorable tirade that balloons from anger into the comedic realm. Set designer Drew Facey does an amazing job with the decor and changing the sets to represent each character's apartment. When he's done with those Barcelona chairs, feel free to drop those off at my place thanks! 

I'd never been to the Gateway Theatre before, and was very impressed with it. Great acoustics, comfortable seats, and a terrific spot for citizens of Richmond and beyond to come and enjoy some good theatre. 

Art is playing now through until February 22nd at the Gateway Theatre in Richmond! 

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