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Monday, 24 February 2014

Clue: The Musical

It's your favourite 80s board game come to life in Clue: The Musical! Thanks to the fine folks at Ghost Light Projects, this relatively unknown musical has been dusted off and put into the spotlight for inspection currently at the Havana on Commercial Drive.

For those who fear interactive theatre, there's not too much to sweat about here. They ask for three volunteers to come select the cards that will determine who the murderer is, what the weapon will be, and which room will be used - just like the board game! 

Other audience participation include the nifty checklists given out at the start of the show where you can jot down clues as they are dropped throughout the show and play detective right from your seat! Can you figure out whodunnit? Was it Colonel Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick? Or was it the fabulous Miss Peacock dancing with a lead pipe in the conservatory? 

The characters are easy to keep in order as their wardrobe helps inform their identity, i.e. Miss Peacock with a peacock feathery hat, Mr Green with his sparkly green cuffs and cane, etc.  Drawing from the 80s movie version, the musical also has that touch of over-the-top slapstick. 

So grab a clue already! The answer to your end of February doldrums? It's Clue in the Havana Cafe with the musical! 

Clue: The Musical runs until March 8. You can buy your tickets online here.

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