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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Foreigner - at Pacific Theatre

Yes, yes, and more yes! Please more shows like this in Vancouver!

First of all, I saw a production of The Foreigner years ago in New York starring Matthew Broderick. I absolutely adored the show and  its ingenius storyline and messaging. When I heard that the Pacific Theatre was doing it, I was pretty surprised! But according to the program, this is their second time mounting the show!

So I went in hoping that this was going to be a good production. My first impression was the amazing set design done by Lauchlin Johnston. Kudos to him for creating such a warmth feel with his wooden lodge and cozy decor. It fit the show to a tee.

Then there were all the actors - each one of them bringing something special to the stage, not one weak link amongst them. This is one solid show that is not to be missed! The story revolves around a visitor to the southern United States who ends up posing as a "foreigner" and pretending he doesn't know English. This leads to unbridled confessions and secrets revealed amongst a slapstick comedy that will have you laughing all night and pondering the way we treat outsiders.

The Foreigner is fantastic, and you simply must go see it! It runs at the Pacific Theatre now until October 12.

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