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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Playland / PNE 2013

So last night I hit up our annual fair, the PNE.

The Proclaimers were singing last night for the nightly featured concert. But I wasn't too interested in seeing them for just that one song, and you know the song I'm speaking of.

I had a corndog and followed that up with some nice smoky ribs and beef brisket! Yay for RibFest!

Then there was the Genghis Khan exhibit, which was a bit underwhelming I found. Compared to last year's Star Trek exhibit, this was evidently not as popular.

(photo from 24 Hours

I didn't check out the market this year, but some of my friends did. I guess I just wasn't feeling the need for a swiffer or a shamwow this summer. 

Then a friend literally FORCED me on to the newest ride at Playland - Atmosfear!!! Oh my dear LORD. I can't believe I went on that and actually survived it. I kept my eyes closed the entire time, otherwise I would likely be having nightmares for the rest of my life. 

There's still some time left to head down to the PNE and win a  house win a car! The PNE runs until Labour Day before closing its doors for another year! 

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