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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Avenue Q

Hope everyone had a great long weekend, whether you were at Pride, Powell Street, fireworks, out of town, or doing something else just as fabulous even if it was chilling at home.

Now that the main festivities of the summer have climaxed, let's not forget there is still a lot more to do around the city. One thing going on that I've noticed this year is the presence of more summertime theatre! The Arts Club theatre has just extended its run of the hilarious Avenue Q until the end of August! This is a Tony award winning musical that's like Sesame Street for Adults. Warning: This is not a family friendly affair, so unless you want your kids to see puppets having sex, this will likely not be PG-Friendly!

However, the calibre of the production is definitely on par with the New York show that I saw years ago. It's just as much fun to watch the amazing skills of the puppeteers as it is to just sit back and enjoy the puppets, who will have you literally in stitches!

It will definitely "suck to be you" if you miss out on Arts Club Theatre's Avenue Q, playing now at the Granville Island Stage!

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