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Friday, 14 December 2012

Vancouver Aquarium

With my Vancouver Inspiration Pass, I was able to go and visit the Vancouver Aquarium.

 It's a definite must if you're a visitor and you're making your way around Stanley Park and checking out the seawall. The Aquarium is a beautiful place and has awesome exhibits and shows for people of all ages. I opted to take my mom with me as she's never been before. Here she is taking in the breathtaking beauty of the beluga whale:

Then it was time to step into the Amazon, a newer exhibit that I had yet to witness. It had butterflies flitting about, giant blue birds, huge hissing cockroaches, other insects and amphibians from the Amazon rain forest, a mean lookin' crocodile, monkeys, and this giant ANACONDA snake!!

There is also currently a Luminescence exhibit being featured, which is "a celebration of aquatic light!" Fun! Check out these amazing jelly-fish:

And finally, the Aquarium's latest addition are these super cute penguins!!

There's also a Beluga show, a sea otter show, and a dolphin show, and much much more! Isn't it time you visit the Vancouver Aquarium

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  1. Cool post! I love the Aquarium as well. I was lucky enough to work there for a few years just after high school and still go there every couple of years. I'm partial to the tropical fish section as that's where I worked