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Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Leo at the Cultch

This has got to be the hottest show of the season! LEO (pronounced "lay-o") is a visually stunning mind bending odyssey that had the audience laughing and completely enthralled from beginning to end.

Take the simple humour of Mr Bean and mesh it with the agility of Spider Man and the grace of Fred Astaire, and you have German performer Tobias Wegner in a thrilling one-man show that combines music, art, dance, and movement into an epic journey across dimensions. At one point, chalk drawings are incorporated and I so badly wanted them to come alive... and perhaps if it's a special night like tonight, they might!

This is a co-production with Germany's theatre group Circle of Eleven, who put on the equally astounding SOAP - The Show, which I had the good fortune to catch over in London, England. You better get yourself to The Cultch because it's not often that we get this type of international calibre in town! This is definitely an acrobatic accomplishment that will leave you completely satisfied and overjoyed with pure unadulterated happiness.

After it was over, I wanted to prance down the street and leap over cars (but only managed to sidestep puddles). You will be inspired by a performance brimming with joy and emotion and absolute heart. You will witness an energy so unique and an experience completely memorable that you'll want to go back again and again and bring all your friends with you!

LEO plays at The Cultch now until Dec 15. Get your tickets quick!  Go see LEO now!!

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