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Friday, 10 September 2010

Swarm 2010: Day One

Day One of Swarm took place yesterday in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood. Tonight, Swarm takes over the Downtown Eastside.

I wish I had more of an eye for art or at least could appreciate it more. I mean, I like art, but I don't think I could ever look at something like say, a group of television monitors displaying drops of blood, and get some sort of meaning from it.

One exhibit at the VIVO studios was pretty cool though - created by Paul Wong, it was an installation of black rubber gloves formed into the shape of the Gulf of Mexico. It was a commentary on the BP oil spill, and all the rubber gloves he had found.

Otherwise, there were a few exhibits I didn't quite get last night, including a projector screen that had a film reel of the beach playing on it. To each their own of course, and I'm not judging - I just didn't understand or get anything out of it for myself.

What I did enjoy however was our last stop, which seemed to be inside an old condemned house off of Main Street. Calling themselves the Gropp's Gallery, the house has been renovated and is now home to 7 artists (and counting), and we were allowed to wander from room to room to take in all the eclectic stylings of each of the individuals. (More Gropp's Gallery photos.) It was like being in a real life fun house! It was Wonderland gone mad. It was amazing.

I liked this unicorn painting that was on display in one room:

I discovered this setup inside a tiny beta fish aquarium tank:

Killer shoes:

My favourite of the night, this bunny skin rug:

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