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Monday, 6 September 2010

A Life In the Theatre

Last week, I went to see the David Mamet play A Life in the Theatre currently showing at the Vancouver Playhouse's Recital Hall.

David Mamet has been hit and miss for me. The first play I ever saw of his was Oleanna and it was downright brilliant. If you ever get a chance to see Oleanna, DO SO.

Then I went to New York and saw the revival of Speed The Plow, and it was pretty painful to sit through. Recently, I saw Glengarry Glen Ross and it was pretty good. So when I heard another Mamet play was being produced in town, I thought, Should I?

And I'm glad I did. A Life in the Theatre captures snapshots of two actors as they go on and off the stage throughout their careers. The Vancouver Playhouse's decision to show this in their rarely used Recital Hall space was the best choice ever. For one, this space used to be used for plays and recitals back in the 70s. Check out the "lounge" area, it's like stepping back into the past, I loved it so much!

The thought that we were in the basement of the Playhouse gave me goosebumps. It was exciting to think that we have this new/old unused space in the city and finally it gets to see the light of day! Putting a play like this on is fitting, because it's all about being backstage and within the guts of the theatre, both physically and mentally. The Recital Hall is the perfect setting for this.

A Life in the Theatre is only $12, as well. The acting is professional and probably worth more than $12. Therefore, this show is a valuable steal. It runs till Sept 12. Go see it immediately!

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