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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Cyndi Lauper had a Change of Heart

Last Friday I went to the PNE fair to see the free Cyndi Lauper concert in the park. It was jam packed with people because it was the beginning of Labour Day weekend and also because it was a FREE CYNDI LAUPER CONCERT!

She focussed mainly on her new material from her latest album, Memphis Blues, which drove people away to get a corn dog or cotton candy, which was fine by me because I started out in the back of the crowd but was up mid-way to the stage by the time the non-fans left the area.

So there we were, enjoying the show, and she comes back for her encore to do her oldies. She begins with Change of Heart, but halfway through the song, she calls a stop to everything! She goes on a semi-tirade about "all you people with your cameras and your frickin' YouTube" and tells them that she's RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW, and to look at her, and not through a camera and do you want to live your life looking through a camera or do you want to actually LIVE IT? Go CYNDI!! The crowd completely cheered her on!!

I know, it's a new time that we are living in. I remember the days when you went to a concert and cameras were taken away from you if you dared bring one in. These days, we've got our iPhones and digital cameras and Blackberries and all sorts of gadgets to capture the moment. But in capturing the moment, aren't we also missing out on the moment?

Here's a clip of Cyndi going off about this! (Thank God someone got this on film! lol)

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