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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Olympics 2010: Road Closures

I'm trying to wrap my head around the road closures and parking restrictions that are being enforced during the upcoming Olympic games.

I work in the heart of downtown Vancouver. In fact, the big media centre where all of the world's media will be setting up base, is a mere half-block away from my work's building. Egads!!

We had a staff meeting today in which the whole 2 hour delay warning issued by our public transit system Translink was addressed. Yes, we are being told to expect a 2 hour wait to even get onto a Skytrain (our version of the subway). I'm probably better off taking a bus all the way downtown from home, but that's if the busses are even allowed into the downtown core!

Thankfully though, my manager made it clear that we are to wake up at whatever time we normally wake up, and head to work at whatever time we usually do, and leave it at that. Whenever we arrive at work is when we arrive. It's all up in the air, as no one knows for sure just how chaotic the city will or will not be.

It's annoying but it's kind of exciting too!

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