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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Forbidden Broadway

Last night I went to the final performance of the local production of Forbidden Broadway, an off-Broadway musical that pokes fun at its very own genre!

From a washed-up and over-30 little orphan Annie to a spoof of Wicked's Idina Menzel singing "Defying Subtlety," this was a well put together show geared towards Broadway nerds like myself and Emily. I think we were one of a few people who laughed at the Stephen Sondheim mockery about his tuneless shows and wordy lyrics. And we may have been the only ones there under 50 who actually knew who Ethel Mermon and Carol Channing are. My favourite part may have been the Les Miserables number, featuring Eponine's lament of barely being in Act One and then dying in Act Two, all the while just waiting around backstage singing an aptly written rendition of "On My Phone."

If you get a chance to see Forbidden Broadway, it is definitely a gas!

Thank you Fighting Chance Productions for not bringing the same overused and overdone musicals to Vancouver!! How many more sittings of Rent or Cats does our city really need? I'm definitely looking forward to April when Fighting Chance Productions brings us The Wedding Singer!!!

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