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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Best Before

This is where conception doesn't quite meet up with execution. Last night I attended another show from the PuSh Performing Arts festival. Best Before is an interactive event that aims to provide every member of the audience with his/her own video game controller. Then on a big screen, the audience collectively and anonymously helps to create a new society.

Was this piece attempting to shed light on choices? Or was it a statement on interactive art? The challenges of building a society? Whatever the case, it was a bit of a mess. I think the idea was greatjavascript:void(0), but with last night's very small audience (20 people, maybe?) it became a bit of a headache in terms of people not listening to direction and glitches in the software (which they hope to iron out before the official opening this week).

I found myself, like many others, busy playing with my avatar than I was paying attention to the people on stage. An interesting idea, but maybe needs a bit more development, in my humble opinion.

Best Before runs at The Cultch from Jan 29 - Feb 6.

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