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Friday, 2 October 2009

The View from the 58th....

Last night I found myself up on the 58th floor of Vancouver's tallest building, the Shangri-La hotel. I was there in attendance for the launch of Shinan Govani's book, Bold Face Names.

Lainey from LaineyGossip had invited me along, but I thought she just wanted to meet up quickly with me beforehand, not realizing she wanted me to be her Gay Date for the evening! So, there they were, everyone looking fabulous, and I was all schleppy in my jeans and ratty sweater and in bad need of a haircut. "It's a Vancouver crowd," Lainey assured me.

It was a bit of a frantic evening as I was technically still at work. Lainey insisted on meeting me at promptly at 5, and I wasn't off work till 5:30. I managed to sneak out of work for 20 minutes and one cocktail and 58 flights later, I was back at work finishing up my shift.

At 5:30, I hightailed it back to the Shangri La because I didn't want to shrug off my duties as the Gay Date. I went back, had another cocktail, mingled a bit, and left an hour later - since I had dinner plans in the works, too, and a friend had already been waiting and starving for an hour for me!! Whoops!

I grabbed a swag bag on the way out, which contained the book, a thinly veiled fictional account of the life of a gossip columnist (the author is a gossip columnist). So, looking forward to reading it!!

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