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Friday, 30 October 2009

Evil Dead : Vancouver Edition

Last night I went to the Vancouver production of Evil Dead: The Musical.

It was complete fun!! Total camp, and of course, blood splattering everywhere! Including all over me, since I was in the "splatter zone"! I made sure I bought Splatter Zone tickets.

So, there is a bit of controversy going on around this production. They bought the rights to put it on, and so they are doing so. HOWEVER, one week later, it gets announced that the touring company of this show is also coming to Vancouver at the exact same time that this production is going on.

That really sucks for these guys. I mean, the touring production has a way bigger budget, bigger venue, and more advertising. I've seen full page ads and heard their cast on radio stations, etc.

It isn't right that they would do that to this little theatre company like that. Basically screwed them over, you know? I mean, these people put their time and energy and money into this production, only to have the big guys come in and take all that possible business away?

So, if you're in Vancouver or have friends here, please encourage them to go see the local production of Evil Dead: The Musical. Support local theatre, local arts. This production was fantastic! Why pay double the price when you can enjoy the exact same thing for less? Buy your tickets here!

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