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Friday, 4 December 2015

FlyOver Canada - Christmas Edition!

by Meaghan Smith

As an admittedly rather jaded person I went into my Flyover Canada experience expecting some amusement and some cool visuals, but came out giggling like a small child and using far too many “so”s to explain just how much fun I had to everyone who asked.

Flyover Canada, located at the back of Canada Place, is a flight simulation, which I described to friends as “part amusement ride, part cinematic experience.” The incredible organization of the team at Flyover Canada made every step of the process quite simple and fun. We got to enjoy the Christmas version of the ride, which starts when you enter the first room, decorated with a beautiful winter scene, and an introduction from Santa Claus who enlists you on a mission to find his elves. The scene ends and we were surprised to find it snowing! In Vancouver! I guess the fact that we were indoors should be more shocking to me, but I figure that’s almost the only way I’ll see snow out here!

The ride, or flight simulation, or whatever you’d like to call it, was one of the most dazzling and exciting things I’ve ever done! I had a blast trying to place all of the locations we were swooping over. The ride made it feel like we were on a roller coaster while we were safely jostled around in our seats. The visuals were stunning and who could complain about the landscape? Canada is such a beautiful country and it was fantastic to have a fifteen minute tour while following Santa, searching
for elves, and crashing through the clouds! 

One small warning I do have, after the ride had begun I hilariously discovered my companion on the trip’s extreme fear of heights. Thankfully she was a trooper and we came out giggling. If you share this fear, you may want to bring a hand to hold because it can at times feel like you’re about to fall off the side of a mountain, but rest assured, you are completely safe!

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