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Saturday, 4 July 2015

15X At Night

The Dancing on the Edge festival is upon us, so why not go get a taste of what's going on by attending 15X At Night, a free outdoors site-specific event taking place now until July 11.

FREE. ON NOW! Each night til July 11 at 10pm. Check it out before the festival begins! Bring your friends and family.
Meet at Ocean Art Works on Granville Island

15 X AT NIGHT is a 30-minute site-specific solo created by one of Canada’s best choreographers, Paul-AndrĂ© Fortier, for the dancer Simon Courchel, performed outside at night every day for 15 days. The sites selected for the performance are atypical, integrated into the city and its nighttime activities, to offer a different type of contact with dance, audiences and the city itself. At night, cityscapes take on a distinctive, yet mysterious charm. It is this mystery that this work is attempting to explore by bringing dance to a less familiar environment. Bodies that shiver in the cool, silent night air; darkness that alters our perceptions. This unique outdoor performance follows in the footsteps of Paul-AndrĂ© Fortier’s popular Dancing on the Edge show Solo 30 x 30 (2009).

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