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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Kim's Convenience

It's always refreshing for me, as an Asian Canadian, to see myself reflected on stage, in film, on TV, etc. Kim's Convenience is a Canadian play written by Ins Choi, and centers around a Korean convenience store and the family dynamics swirling about it.

Like the patriarch in the story, it is Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's performance as Mr. Kim that really holds the entire show together. He, like the show, displays a huge range of emotions from rage to sadness to well-peppered moments of comedic timing.

Kudos to Ins Choi for a well-written, entertaining, culturally educational and important play. I've tried writing a play before, and it is not an easy feat. To do one that takes lace in one main location and to fill that stage up with tears, laughter, and love on top of it being a good show is an amazing accomplishment.

Kim's Convenience is playing now at the Granville Island Stage until May 24th. (It's also Asian Heritage Month, so this is perfect timing to go see Kim's Convenience!)

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