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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Watching Glory Die

Ripped from the headlines about a young girl who dies in prison (look up Ashley Smith), is the current production premiering at The Cultch this week: Watching Glory Die.

In this one woman show, writer Judith Thompson stars as the young girl whose tragic death prompted her to develop this play. She flits seamlessly between characters, one moment the prison warden who is just trying to do her job, and another moment the grieving mother waiting at home for her daughter to be released from prison. What this trio of characters have in common is the thread of delusion that each of them cling to. 

Thompson impresses with her stamina and ability to carry the entire show on her shoulders. The set is simple for the most part, with impressive visuals being projected on the walls of the prison to aid that feeling of claustrophobic craziness bound to drive anyone mad. 

Watching Glory Die is on at The Cultch now until May 3

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