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Thursday, 10 April 2014


Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper isn't the most obvious choice to centre a 90 minute play around. In fact, I was not looking forward to seeing Michael Healey's play, Proud, as I am not all too politically-minded and was worried this would go completely over my head. Much to my surprise, this was entertaining and totally hilarious! Who knew that Harper = comedy magic?

Sure, okay, I didn't get ALL the references they were making, but that's just because I'm politically ignorant. That's my own fault. The play is amusing, and casts a stark spotlight on politics and the under-handedness of the Conservative party by showcasing their knack for passing bills behind the scenes while distracting the Canadian public with more controversial issues.

Andrew Wheeler as the Prime Minister is so well done that I had to do a double-take at the program to see that it wasn't actually Stephen Harper pictured there. Craig Erickson's Cary amuses with his portrayal as the loyal yet frustrated right-hand man, who listens behind doorways and is ready to pick up and leave at any given moment should he get sacked from his job. The perfect public servant! Scott Button's Jake was confusing to me at first, as we weren't quite sure who his character was, and it's not till the end that we figure it out (or maybe it was just me). But it's Emmelia Gordon as Jisbella who ultimately steals the show and has the audience in stitches with her one-liners and physical comedy. She brought life to the show and story, and is the real centrepiece to the play!

Proud plays at the Firehall Arts Centre now until April 26.

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