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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Extraction at the Cultch

The winner of the Rio Tinto Alcan Performing Arts Award in Theatre makes its world premiere this week at the Cultch. EXTRACTION is a multi-language performance that tells the story of three distinct lives - taking you from the oil sands of Fort MacMurray to the streets of Beijing.

Jimmy Mitchell, Jason Wilson, and Sunny Sun (photo by Tim Matheson)

In this docu-theatre performance, we are witness to the true life stories of Sunny Sun, Jimmy Mitchell, and Jason Wilson, whose own personal stories are what make up this piece. The title Extraction may refer to the storyline of the worker in Fort MacMurray, where oil is being extracted from the Earth. Or maybe it has to do with the technological aspect of the show, where audience members are encouraged to keep their cell phones on throughout the performance in order to text answers to questions posed. This could be seen as an extraction of information that helps shape the show. Then we have the story of Sunny, who is extracted from her home country of China and thrown into a new life in Canada.

Accompanying the performers and the multimedia are two live musicians playing music throughout the play. Ron Samworth on electric guitar and banjo, and Randy Raine Reusch on zheng, flutes, and both on various percussion. It's a cornucopia for the senses, feeding the mind with sights, sounds, and perhaps more importantly, debate and discussion.

Theatre Conspiracy's Extraction plays at the Cultch until March 9th.

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